"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." Coco Chanel

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There is a wonderful tradition in the United States of taking 'Senior Photographs", that is, photos of students as they leave the last year of school ready to embark on the next stage. It's a happy right of passage - one that I love., often being a way for the student to define who they are and show their real selves.

When an 18 year old comes to me and says I want meadows with flowers and romantic sunsets, it's a joy, but when he/she starts the conversation with, 'Do you know where there's some really cool graffiti?,, I know that joy is going to be three fold, and creating her senior portraits is going to be so much fun.

Despite what we are often told women today DO know what they want. It's okay to be driven,  independent, ambitious, intelligent AND beautiful.  This lady was all of those things and it was a pleasure to help her create senior portraits that she and her family can cherish for ever.

She is herself:  and she is beautiful.

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