• KP44

When I was asked to photograph a friend's wedding, I'll be honest, I hesitated.

When I was told the wedding was going to be small, and in Iceland, every photographer's dream location, my bag was packed.

My brief was to discreetly record the day for the couple, with a minimum of fuss and formal portraits. Using my landscape skills I was to incorporate the day into landscapes as much as possible.

If there is one thing Iceland is not known for it is guaranteed sunny weather, even in June! Also, 23 hour day light meant that landscapes would not include sunrises or sunsets. With the wedding at noon, we were blessed with sunshine until 4. After which, torrential rain meant outdoor shooting, even with the bravest of us and the best of rain gear, was brought to a halt.

It was such a wonderful happy and relaxed day.  With guests from Europe and The States, traditions were blended, new friends were made and everyone delighted in sharing the special day with the couple.

I've included a few of the less personal shots -  more intimate moments between family and friends are not for blogs - however I hope the few I have selected give the feel of the beauty of the place and happiness of the day.  It was such an honour to be part of it.